Liferay 7 m4 setup

Posted: May 15, 2015 by Narendra Shah in Liferay, Uncategorized

I was curious to see osgi in Liferay 7 and that curiosity bring me to install liferay 7.

How easy setup liferay.
1. Download Liferay 7 m4 from
2. unzip the file
3. If you have jdk 7/8 already setup with environment variable JAVA_HOME, you are ready to go to start
4. Here intention is not to use some database and run it. so i tried with hsql itself, liferay default database.
5. Navigate to directory(in zip extracted folder) liferay-portal-7.0-ce-m4\tomcat-7.0.42\bin
6. Startup.bat/
7 AFter liferay started, i see basic config with name,email address etc.
8. Filled in basic detail and press Finish button, it took a while and see done. I see Term & Conditions to agree and my portal is ready. Here is some screen shot for first look.

Whooo, it is working cool, much faster than old versions. UI is very cool, everything is properly categorized and it is really well managed. Though the basic concepts, site,layout. control panel, role, web content etc is as is.


Control panel is properly Categorized as User, Sites, Apps, Configuration, here apps is portlet config, where portlet can be activated/deactivated etc.





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