My Developer tools

Posted: May 8, 2015 by Narendra Shah in Reserch And Development

Basic Tools which any Developer should have, these are my tools, which i always keep on my system.

  1. Editor:
    1. Eclipse
    2. Editplus
    3. Notepad++
  2. Java Software: Any java developer will have following tools
    1. JDK
    2. Tomcat:
  3. Remote connection
    1. Remote connection manager: Remote connection,default program is very poor to connect multiple remote desktops, this tool saves all information in categorized way and can save user/password, so just one click will connect to remote machine.
    2. Putty: Connect over ssh.
    3. WinSCP: For sftp, ssh data transfer
  4. Database
    1. Any one database(Postgres/Mysql/Mongo): Good to have one database setup in maching, i used started with using mysql, then postgresql then back to mysql, but now my love is mongo.
    2. HeidiSql/Squirrel-Database client
  5. Browser: Every one knows about what browser are.
    1. Chrome
      1. Advanced Rest Client
      2. YSlow
      3. Instant Dictionary
    2. Internet Explorer
  6. Compare/Merge
    1. Winmerge: Compare and merge 2 files, must tool for any developer.
  7. Zip/Archiving
    1. WinRAR: Dont like winzip for some reason, this tool is much more faster to open, view, create zips and can open broken zips also sometimes.
  8. System debug
    1. TCP View: View current connection from your machin/system/laptop to outside world, beuty of this tools is it will show your connection, which program made connection and resolving host, you can end established connection etc.
    2. Process Explorer: This tools is really help me to understand, in depth information about running processes like, what is running in your machine, which forked/created this process, what are threads or dlls or files used by the process, many times this is being my life saver during debugging.
    3. Cygwin: Dont use much, but though for linux lover this is the tool to enable linux shell in windows maching. With entry of powershell, this is being less popular
  9. Utility
    1. Adobe Flash: Flash viewing in browser.
    2. Adove Acrobat reader: Reading pdf
    3. VLC Player: Media player to play any video or audio format,
    4. K-Lite Codec: Media player codecs to any video, audio format
    5. Lightshot for taking easy screenshot, print screen with edit on the fly,

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