Starting With Liferay development environment setup

Posted: December 3, 2013 by Narendra Shah in Liferay
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This post is for first time java developer, who would like to use and setup Liferay.

The steps required to start liferay in your localsystem is easy.

1. Get with tomcat from liferay download link

2. Unzip to any folder, unzipped folder contains portal within that there is tomcat within.

3. You can open tomcat/bin folder from portal folder, and then run startup.bat(in linux it is

4. This will start liferay with default configuration,h  so once server started, you can open the server hostname:8080, and you will see wizard for configuration of jdbc configuration for database and default user setup.  Here one thing is, you need to create blank database in your favourate RDBMS tool, and once liferay starts it will create all required tables,indexed etc.

5. Thats it, your liferay instance is started in your local.

6. Now you can play with your instance.

Will post more advanced stuff in next post.


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