Make your Eclipse Faster

Posted: February 11, 2013 by Narendra Shah in Java Box, Reserch And Development

Once we start working on Eclipse, After some time, it usually became slow. To make it fast, there is way to clean up history and indexes which eclipse has created. (if both are not important to you). This helped me to speed up eclipse, and decrease RAM and HDD usage on my system

Here are the 2 folders, which should be cleanup

Index info

Delete the files under both the folder. This is big impact on eclipse performance.

Note: Both folder are part of your Eclipse workspace and not of your Projet source or eclipse installation. You can view workspace location information under Windows->Preferences->(General->Startup and Shutdown->workspaces).

You can even follow below links, if you running slow machine

There some good part ref:

1.  Add following in eclipse.ini


2. Configure Xmx and Xms and permsize according to your system. I have configured mine with following in eclipse.ini


This are all working parameters.

  1. ravi says:

    nice ..helped me

  2. 赵熠东 says:

    good, this works!

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