About Linux (fedora) usb install

Posted: December 3, 2008 by Narendra Shah in Linux Box
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This time i am being late to put blog. Today i am came with the concept that install linux on pen drive. 

Now the question stays that why to install linux on usb pen drive ?

I have seen many people who dont want to experiment new OS on their laptop/computer harddisk. because generally afraid of hard disk failure.  And that is one reason that linux is not used. 

Some users think it is difficult to install linux on haddisk ….. multi boot and removal problem and many more, so not play with it. Frankly speaking I am also with them. 

Now days USB cost very low approximately 2GB @ Rs 250 / $4 and 8 GB @ Rs 750 / $6 with good brand name. It is better to use any of them other then using your own hard disk.

Now let me come to the point. I found very easy way to install fedora linux on usb drives.  Not to say more about fedora. It is very nice OS and used by many people. I also like it. 

To intall you just need to download liveusb-creator which is compatible with windows(8.9MB) and linux(183kb).


Get it from the site and follow the step given by him. and your Fedora Linux is ready. And you can use it when ever you like on your laptop / computer, without any problem. 

Come out of that costly Windows and have one look over how is linux ? And then decide which one is better. 

I hope you will try it now. 


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