Vista look on Linux

Posted: November 14, 2008 by Narendra Shah in Linux Box

So I have been Watching these days that many people (well, exactly speaking, I am talking about my friends) are ready to push their parents to buy them a new OS (or some insist a complete LAPTOP) because they want Vista. No one agrees with HOME BASIC. AT LEAST HOME PREMIUM IS NECESSARY for all of them!

I went on asking them the reason why they wanted to shell out Rs. 8000 – 10000 on an OS when XP was working all fine, with better hardware support, nice speed, less memory usage, more compatible programs and all such things, they said “AERO”. HUH!

I know that Vista indeed is an appreciable product. But I really do not know or understand the reason why a person must shell out thousands for a GLASSY WINDOWS look! So of course I had to show them the LONG LONG list of EFFECTS from the world of Linux and that meant Compiz-fusion.

I know that there are still many many people who want Vista JUST FOR the effects and are ready to give away a lot of their parents’ hard earned money on premium hardware and an unstable OS, that too just for the looks. This makes me remind of two sentences I heard from on of my friends who had bought a HP pavillion Notebook, which came preloaded with Vista! They are:

1) Looks of an OS are like the face & figure of a young Girl. All the beauty that you see might not be really appreciable, specially when it comes to behavior; for both the cases.

2) Vista crashes more than twice a day. I am unable to figure out how HP and Microsoft have collaborated to give out an OS which was CUSTOMIZED to run on that very hardware and that still crashes more than once a day with almost no severe computational load?

And yes, both of these statements hold true.

So, if you have become a die hard fan of the looks of Vista (i.e. AERO interface) and are ready to take out cash from the wallet, go through the images whose thumbnails I have posted below.


1) Cover switcher:

You can switch between the application windows in the same way you do in the Album artwork in iTunes’ latest versions!

2) Flip switcher:


You can switch and select between application Windows in much the same way as you do on Windows VISTA AERO!

3) Show of Shadows:


Shadows are a very impressive part of the Windows Vista AERO interface. Look at the shadow of the Windows one-over-another.

4) Hugry for glass! :


Of course the glass is something to die for! And yes, you can have more GLASS in LINUX with compiz fusion when compared to vista and what more? It is YOU who will decide how much glass is enough for you for surrounding your applications!

And yes, it is worth a mention that WHATEVER you see on ANY of the above screenshots is COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE. Right from the color of the glass for active and inactive Windows, Color of text on the title bar, the amopunt of glass surrounding the Windows, The Frame sizes in the flip and cover switchers, transparency of Glass, buttons and MUCH MUCH MORE can be decided by ONLY YOU!

Still not convinced on the point that Linux has all the interface effects (and much much more) than what Windows has to offer? You can surely opt to give away 10000 bucks for INSTABILITY AND RESOURCE WASTAGE in return.


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