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Posted: November 14, 2008 by Narendra Shah in Linux Box
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Puppy linux review

Before i start to tell you about pupply linux. Let me tell you something interesting.  


You just need to install pupply linux on pen drive. Which hardly require 200 MB on your pen drive. One more thing you can hide puppy partition, which is not shown when your pen drive is in windows machine. This is already i have checked, and it is working with vista also. You just need to boot machine with the pen drive. And your work is done. I know you are very curious about how to install puppy linux on pen and hide it. I have it in my next post. But let’s first understand what is puppy ?…….

Ok, first off the reason i chose this one is that i need a os to install on a 200mhz processor,32mb ram 4Gb hard disk.I had tried 98 but it slowed the computer down.Dsl didnot boot on this computer but then it never got installed even on my computer.So I found puppy whose minimum requirements is same as the computer I needed to install on. So I went ahead and downloaded it.
The live cd
During the boot-up one is asked for language,Keyboard-type,X-org or x-free.(This kind of gets irritating if u use live cd a lot).The installation is pretty descent with the only problem being the installation of grub.
The Desktop
Puppy uses gtk which keeps everything minimalistic.Though this gives a great boost in speed it tends to get irritating over time but there are descent amount of themes present for gtk.
heres a pic of the desktop.
http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc11 … esktop.png

The package contents
One would be surprised at what puppy manages to fit in just 80mb.
For video and audio it comes with gxine which is pretty good.
It supports mp3 out of the box.
For office it comes with abiword,calculate(spreadsheet etc.)
It also writes to ntfs out of the box.
It comes with seamonkey for a browser.(Opera and firefox can be installed)
The package manager is pretty good.
For I.M it comes with gaim and ymsgr can be installed.
It also comes with a pdf viewer.
Puts ur system on diet.
Net is damn fast.
comes with a xp theme
Ease of configration.
One pretty descent game(directing sheep to their alloted numbers using a dog pretty engrossing)
cant copy more than one file at a time.
prnt scrn doesnt do any thing one has to manually run the program.

  1. aronzak says:

    hmmm. Why do you want to hide puppy?

  2. narendrashah says:

    Hi aronzak,

    Sorry i dont get your point ? i m not hiding puppy. Can you please eleborate your question.

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